Urbinator17 - Deviant Art - Artist behind several PokeGod and Pokemon illustrations used with Project Neo

Chimichan - Deviant Art - Spriter behind the PokeGod sprites used in Project Neo

Naoren - Tumblr - Artist behind "Cunine", used as "Marnin" in Project Neo

Skeetendo Forums - And its knowledgeable user base. This is the home of the folks who disassembled the original Pokémon Red & Blue games.

The Original Project Neo Team - Marill3000, HeffX, Rainer511, Chris Judah, among others who were active and relentless in breaking down the code

PR Translations, Vida Translations - And others, who started the whole "craze" back in the day!

PokéEdit - An otherwise unknown editor who offered a lot of advanced insight into the game and its structure.

...and many, many more!