Public Release 1.0 Available Now! 10/19/2016 daMoose
For the first time in almost fifteen years, I can say: the new version of Project Neo is available for download now!!

  Guide Cover 5/8/2016 daMoose

So something kind of silly, but kind of cool to share. As a part of one of my many "day jobs", I write game supplements. With that, I have some experience with the layouts on InDesign, GIMP, etc. A part of the Project Neo plan is to produce some sharp looking accessories, as close to a "pro" looking (but clearly marked otherwise) final product. I spent a little bit pulling together some resources and put together this cover for a potential guide. Enjoy!

  More Permissions, Code! 5/5/2016 daMoose

Good day so far!

Spoke with the artist behind the PokeGod illustrations I mentioned earlier and he gave permission for their use provided we credit him, of course, and there may be a chance he can do some illustrations for the original creatures as well!

Also made some good headway on the scripting; the scripts for the beginning of the game and Pallet Town appear to be in good order, so we're moving on to Viridian! I'll update the file for the browser game shortly!

  Permission Granted!  daMoose

Good news! We found the artist for "Cunine" and got permission to use it conjunction with Project Neo, so I'm pretty psyched about that. Links can be seen in the Acknowledgements page. Also seeking permission to use the artwork of a few very nice renditions of the classic "PokeGods" for the project as well; the use of these items will help make the site look nice, but they're also a part of another plan: to produce some nice, near to professional, looking accessories including a guide for the game upon completion!

Additionally, some improvements have been made to the site; we have added a news manager script I had actually written as an early PHP project back during the original days of Project Neo, and have added a browser-playable copy of the game for previewing! Check it out under Play and let us know what you think, any errors you might find, etc!

  Our Starters... daMoose52

When we started the original Project Neo, we outlined our own set of starters. When the project stopped, we kept the original concepts alive under a new banner and proceeded to comission some artwork.

Included here, and among the Character profiles shortly, are those original starters we comissioned: Boab, a plant dinosaur; Sharcub, a dog-like shark; and Flamix, a truer "dragon"/drake sort of creature.

  Looking For Credit... daMoose52

I'm hoping someone can help locate the artist behind a particular piece. The following item was produced as a bit of fan art for the site Pokemon Fusion and features a blending of Cubone and Arcanine.

As the mod has developed, Pokemon Fusion has helped inspire various new Pokemon to be featured in the game, including "Marnin", a Legendary guardian of the afterlife. Properly a fusion of Marowak and Arcanine, I had found this artwork shortly after settling on and developing our own backstory for the character. I would appreciate tracking down the artist responsible and seek permission for its inclusion with materials regarding Project Neo.